Schizophrenia Awareness Week ‘Discovering Better Mental Health’

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It is Schizophrenia Awareness Week this week (May 22-28) and this year’s theme is ‘connecting with hope’. The theme aims to provide a platform for those living with Schizophrenia and share important information so that everyone can better understand the condition and break down harmful stigmas surrounding mental illness.

At Therapy Care, we understand how important it is for many people living with schizophrenia to find connections that form a strong support system. This is why we’re passionate about providing holistic support that includes daily living support, social support, therapy support and plan management, rather than isolated and disjointed sessions.

Today we will be shining the spotlight on two of Therapy Care’s participants, Lloyd and Lee who both live with Schizophrenia. Lloyd and Lee have both been a part of the Therapy Care community for a number of years and are outstanding advocates for the achievements of people living with disability. During their time at Therapy Care, Lloyd and Lee have formed a close friendship and use their NDIS funding to partake in programs such as the Mind-Full group day program and short term getaways together. These programs allow their friendship to grow in a safe, supported, and fun environment that strengthens both men’s support systems.

Lloyd has been a Therapy Care participant for 3 years, Lloyd’s NDIS funding allows him to attend both exercise physiology sessions and the group day program five times a week. Lloyd also sees Therapy Care’s psychologist and dietitian fortnightly. Jai, one of Therapy Care’s Exercise Physiologists, has been working with Lloyd to achieve his NDIS goals in the gym.

“Lloyd’s adherence to exercise has improved significantly and he has mentioned that he feels better physically and mentally every time he completes a gym session. Lloyd’s attitude and purpose in life have improved as he works to the best of his ability to enhance his overall wellbeing,” says Jai.

One of Lloyd’s long-term goals is to gain employment in order to increase his independence and social skills. Therapy Care Allied Health assistants Helen and Jas have been working through the employment process with Lloyd including writing a reference letter, submitting his resume, and finding appropriate jobs that Lloyd is enthusiastic about.

Lloyd’s current NDIS goals are:
✅ Maintaining a healthy weight
✅ Gaining employment
✅ Increasing independence

Inspired by Lloyd’s dedication to his daily gym sessions, Lloyd’s friend and NDIS participant Lee has decided to begin weekly gym sessions. The two men constantly support each other to remain motivated and explore new forms of therapy. Lloyd and Lee have built an enduring relationship during their time at Therapy Care. Often people living with disability can find it difficult to find friends who can relate to their journey and are truly understanding of the challenges they face. However, once these friendships grow, they can provide the encouragement, confidence and support needed for one another to achieve goals they never thought possible.

“Lloyd has become my best and most trusted friend. We recently went on a Therapy Care short term getaway together that took us out of our comfort zones and to new and exciting places. I see Lloyd as a younger brother to me, I have his back, and know that he has mine,” says Lee.

Lee is currently in the process of writing a book that focuses on his personal experience of living with Schizophrenia. Therapy Care has been working with Lee to support him in the process of writing and finding resources for publishing.

“I hope that through my book others gain insight into what it is like to live with Schizophrenia. I hope that my book can connect with others and provide them with some sort of hope.

“To me, writing is therapeutic and a way for me to express my emotions and experiences,” says Lee.
Lee’s current NDIS goals are:

✅ Working with his clinical psychologist to gain a greater understanding of his mental health
✅ Increasing confidence with technology and computer skills
✅ Increasing health and fitness

We are so proud of Lloyd and Lee and how far they’ve both come. We look forward to continue supporting them on their journey.

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