Increasing Community Access and Learning New Skills at Therapy Care’s Group Day Program

August 7, 2020 by emily0NDISNDIS provider

For many participants, Therapy Care’s Group Day Program is the most favoured activity of the week.

Our Group Day Program is a great way for Australians living with disability to meet new people, have fun while developing new skills and explore their creativity.

We create a safe and friendly environment for our participants to interact in, that enhances social skills and encourages community involvement.

Our Group Day Program is headed up by our Recreational Therapists who work closely with team leaders and our disability support workers, to ensure we’re consistently delivering a purposeful program that supports all participants as they work towards their NDIS goals.

We take the time to really get to know each participant and their functional and cognitive capacities. While our Group Day Program is a ‘group approach’, we continuously consider every individual’s needs. For example, in an art therapy class some participants may be able and therefore encouraged by our team to paint individually, whereas others may need adaptive and easy grip brushes that we supply.

We approach our Group Day Program holistically and look to the latest innovation in our industry to ensure our participants are getting the most out of the program. In addition to meeting NDIS goals, it’s a top objective of ours to provide skills-based services that consider an individual’s dimensions of health.

We facilitate an array of social and recreational activities within the Group Day Program, that:

  • Maintain independence and participation within the community
  • Improve individual capacity to complete activities of daily living
  • Encourage engagement in physical activities and improved physical functioning
  • Encourage participants to develop meaningful and valuable friendships
  • Improve communication skills and social skills
  • Create the opportunity for participants to engage in and master new skills and activities
  • Develop mindfulness
  • Promote autonomy and choice
  • Distract from symptoms of illness
  • Improve internal focus of control
  • Facilitate recovery &
  • Improve health and wellbeing and overall quality of life

We understand the importance of creating a structured environment, particularly for our participants living with conditions that evoke behavioural challenges within social settings.

For participants, being in a structured environment with an adequate staff ratio can help eliminate behavioural concerns and facilitate appropriate interactions. It also enables us to manage risks which is one of our core values. This approach is part of Therapy Care’s holistic approach to service provision for a full plan period.

This means that for some participants with challenging behaviours; we may put forward a staggered approach strategy for integrating them into day program. They may start off as one-on-one with a support worker and over time, slowly integrate into the group. We may look at creating a sensory or calming box for them – or look at alternative methods of transport (such as them travelling one-on-one) to the community or in-house activity.

Recently, the Therapy Care team has been working hard behind the scenes to revamp our Blacktown facility to create a dedicated space for our Group Day Program ✨

The Group Day Program team has recently created a tailored, multi-purpose space where various skills-based activities are facilitated. The group undertakes a wide variety of activities where they learn new skills, tap into their creativity, and have fun. These include:

✔ Art therapy
✔ Music therapy
✔ Dance
✔ Drama
✔ Numeracy
✔ Literacy
✔ And so much more!

The space has been thoughtfully and purposefully made to not only excite but also to educate and challenge our participants.

Pictured are our participants getting creative through art! 🎨

We love incorporating art therapy into our Group Day Program as it encourages our participants to use the right side of their brain and exercise their creativity. It has many benefits for people living with disability, including:

🌟 Improves creativity and self-esteem
🌟 Increases internal focus
🌟 Provides meaning and purpose
🌟 Reduces stress and anxiety
🌟 Reduces depression and fatigue
🌟 Improves interpersonal skills
🌟 Improves fine and gross motor skills
🌟 Improves behaviours

If you want to learn more about our Group Day Program, be sure to get in touch with us: https://therapycare.com.au/contact/

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