Exercise Right Week: Bernadette and Vanessa

May 27, 2020 by emily0NDISNDIS provider

This week is #ExerciseRightWeek ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Each day, we’ll be putting the spotlight on a new participant receiving exercise supports from Therapy Care ?

We are passionate about incorporating exercise into our participants’ care plans as we know firsthand the impact exercise has on emotional, social, physical and mental wellbeing.

Since the beginning of this year, Therapy Care’s Allied Health Assistant, Vanessa, who has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Sport & Exercise Science), has been working with participant Bernadette Cameron, 31, on her health and fitness goals.

Bernadette says, “I really enjoy spending time with my trainer, getting healthier and going for walks.

“I didn’t exercise before joining Therapy Care, but now that I do I love it. I am stronger, happier and really proud of myself.”

Bernadette’s current fitness goals are:

? 3 hours walking every week
? 2 hours of strength training each week
? Perform all exercises for 40 seconds without stopping
? Try new exercises
? Improve technique and perform all exercises with confidence
? Loose 1-2kgs and then maintain a healthy weight

Bernadette is living with Turner syndrome; a condition that affects only females. It occurs when one of the X chromosomes is missing or partially missing.

Turner syndrome has affected Bernadette’s hearing as well as her intellectual and physical abilities.

Turner Syndrome causes Bernadette to have poor coordination, balance and flexibility.

Vanessa incorporates strength training and yoga into Bernadette’s workouts to help train her proprioceptive senses and increase her flexibility.

“Women living with Turner Syndrome often have trouble with executive processing, planning and socialising.

“Due to this I ensure I explain each exercise and demonstrate them to make it simple for Bernadette to understand. I also do social support services with Bernadette, I get her to plan out the activities we are going to do the following week to enhance her planning skills,” explains Vanessa.

“It has been challenging to incorporate social activities during COVID-19 restrictions, however our bond has definitely improved. While Bernadette has enjoyed attending the day group programs virtually, I know she can’t wait to attend them physically again from June.

“Bernadette experiences anxiety and is resistant to change. I make sure Bernadette enjoys her services by maintaining consistency and incorporating her favourite activities frequently. I do also add new activities and exercise to increase her adherence to change, as this is an area we’ve identified for potential growth,” says Vanessa.

Vanessa spends six hours each week with Bernadette for both exercise and social services, where they go for walks, spend time at the park, complete strength training circuits, do yoga sequences, cook, dance and complete puzzles.

Vanessa explains how Bernadette has improved physically, mentally, emotionally and socially over the past few months.

Since our first few sessions, I’ve seen significant improvements in Bernadette’s strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Bernadette has learnt how to control her breathing which means she’s now able to push herself harder during her workouts.

Bernadette always wants to train for longer and complete more repetitions of every exercise. Over the past few months, Bernadette has lost 3kg, and now sits in a healthy weight range which she’s very proud of.

Bernadette’s mental wellbeing has improved a lot since we’ve integrated her new routine. She always looks forward to our support services and more importantly, having fun together.

Bernadette has difficulty expressing how she is feeling. However, since we started working together, I have noticed Bernadette has become more comfortable in expressing her emotions. She now lets me know when she is tired, when she wants to push harder or wants to pause for a drink during a workout.

She loves expressing happy emotions, as she’s usually smiling and laughing. This is really rewarding to see.

Bernadette’s emotional improvements have transferred into social improvements. Bernadette used to find social situations very overwhelming. Now, Bernadette looks forward to restrictions loosening so she can physically participate in the day group program with other participants.

We’re so proud of how far you’ve come Bernadette and can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

Do you want to set health and fitness goals? Reach out to us today to see how we can support you. Call us on 02 9626 8119 or email us at info@therapycare.com.au

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