Autism Awareness Day

April 2, 2020 by emily0NDISNDIS provider

It’s #AutismAwarenessDay ✨✨✨

Today we celebrate members in our community and beyond who are living with autism.

Since joining our community three years ago, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Zac making significant progress.

When Zac first started participating in our therapeutic services, we identified the areas Zac needed support in were maintaining engagement and feeling comfortable and confident in group settings.

While Zac’s sensory sensitivities are continuously considered and he sometimes requires additional encouragement and visual prompts to maintain engagement, it’s no question that Zac has come a long way.

A highlight in Zac’s journey has been his response to a personalised play and sensory integrated program. Zac has gained the confidence to navigate change positively and is more independent when it comes to choosing which activity he wants to complete.

He has now transitioned into an adult physical activity program and reports that, “there’s nothing in my program I’d change because I love it all.”

Karlie Scurr, Zac’s Recreational Therapist at Therapy Care says, “While I am there as a therapist for Zac, he teaches me something new every day.

“Zac loves all of the simple things in life and is such a positive soul. Zac loves technology and can chat to you all day about what apps you have on your phone,” says Karlie.

Zac loves going for walks and has an incredible ability to maintain a conversation with you. He can navigate complex conversations and makes sure he says hello to everyone in the Therapy Care office.

Zac loves Star Wars, Spot the Dog, Cat in The Hat and going to the movie theatre. He will also make sure he knows what show you are currently watching on Netflix or Stan!

“As a therapist, it is particularly heart-warming and rewarding to see such a positive response to the support and intervention the team provides.

“I am so proud of Zac, and his growth in confidence and independence over the past few years,” Karlie concludes.

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