Acknowledging National Pain Week (July 25-31)

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It’s National Pain Week (July 25-31) and this year’s theme is about increasing awareness of the Triple-A Standard of Care:

  • Awareness
  • Accessibility
  • Affordability

The theme aims to recognize the importance of chronic pain sufferers receiving holistic support in all aspects of their life, and advocates for those living with chronic pain.

Living with chronic pain can often be debilitating and extremely isolating for individuals, making it critical for those living with these conditions to build a strong support system. That is why at Therapy Care, we’re passionate about providing holistic support that includes daily living support, social support, therapy support and plan management. We know how important continuity of support, rather than isolated and disjointed sessions, is. We also advocate for innovative developments in our local community and broader society that increase accessibility options for those living with disability.

Today we will be shining the spotlight on Therapy Care participant Dianne. Dianne lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a chronic pain disease that causes painful swelling of the joints. Dianne has been a part of the Therapy Care community for five years. Under the NDIS, Dianne receives daily living supports, household cleaning and one-on-one social supports.

Dianne explains, “My support workers Martha and Sarah assist me with showering and household cleaning as well as other everyday tasks around the house. This type of support gives me a sense of independence and allows me to complete activities in a safe and comfortable manner.”

“It is very important that my relationships with my support workers are built on trust and that I have confidence in their ability to listen to my requests and understand my needs,” says Dianne.

One-on-one social supports give participants the opportunity to increase social interaction through building an enduring relationship with their support workers. These supports can also provide participants transport to and from social interactions, as well as companionship and support while they complete everyday tasks such as grocery shopping.

“During my one-on-one social support, my support workers assist with taking me to various activities and appointments such as weekly bingo, catching up with friends and grocery shopping. I enjoy the social element of this time as I can relax and engage in conversations with the support worker outside of my normal daily routine,” says Dianne.

Dianne’s current NDIS goals are:

✅Improving fitness levels

✅ Maintaining exercise routines

✅Increasing social opportunities

“It is so important for me to have independence in my daily life, especially as my husband is my main career. Little things, that I would not be able to do alone; like shopping with my support worker to buy him a valentine’s day present have become so important and fundamental to my sense of self and our relationship,” says Dianne.

This National Chronic Pain Week Dianne wants to spread awareness about the importance of the triple As of care.

“Listening to the limitations and fragility of those living with chronic pain conditions is vital. When the needs of people living with chronic pain are taken seriously, awareness, accessibility and affordability genuinely improve and we see positive change in our society,” says Dianne.

Although there is currently no cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis, it’s so important that Dianne has support on hand to reduce the severity of her symptoms.

If you have a chronic pain condition and need support living day to day and managing your symptoms, feel free to reach out to us via:


02 9626 8119

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