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Group Program Activities

Our Group Day Programs are a great way to meet new people and have fun.

We have three streams in our Group Day Program; ‘Life-skills’, ‘Mind-full’ and ‘Saturday Social-skills’. This ensures people with all abilities have the opportunity to build relationships, learn new skills and be a part of an inclusive community.

Our Group Day Program attendees look forward to participating in a fun and challenging activity each day and have developed wonderful friendships with fellow participants.

We rotate between a multitude of fun activities that support the development of our participants. Some of these activities include:


Join our Group Day Programs where we frequently cruise the harbour, a favourite activity in our community!

Pet Therapy

Our day groups frequently involve feeding and socialising with domestic and farm animals.

Inclusive Disability Events

When the opportunity arises, we take participants to local shows and events.


Our team is always on the look out for great picnic spots to take our group.

Art Therapy

Our community love the creative outlet that arts and crafts offer. You have the choice to collaborate or work independently.

Community Gardening

Gardening is another creative outlet where participants learn a skill or two about how to take care of different plants.


Bowling is a favourite. Our participants love to get competitive while encouraging one another to give it their best go.

Physical Activity Programs

Depending on the group of participants and their needs, we sometimes organise a low or high-intensity group workout.

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